Edna is a type O, non-secretor, Gatherer GenoType. She has lost nearly 100 pounds on the Blood Type and GenoType Diets! Read her success story and be inspired by her journey.

Personalized Living: How did you discover the Blood Type Diet?
Edna: Several years ago, I was lamenting how fat I was and telling a friend, in hushed tones, as if I were saying something revolutionary, that I didn’t think it was eating fat that made me fat, I was starting to think it was pasta and certain other carbohydrates. This was a radical thing to say in 1997. All the experts were saying that we should all be on low-fat, whole grain, vegetarian diets and that red meat was the enemy. As a Type O, non-secretor, and Gatherer, this paradigm was killing me! Among other things, it made me fat, yet malnourished, exhausted, moody, and totally ruled by cravings. My friend stopped me in the middle of our conversation, and asked me what my blood type was. I told her I believed that I was a Type O. She abruptly walked out of the room and returned with a copy of Eat Right for Your Type. “It sounds like what the author of this book is saying,” she told me as she handed me the book. The rest is history. As soon as I read the book jacket, I knew I was on to something revolutionary.

Personalized Living: Did you have any difficulty adapting to the program?
Edna: From the moment I started the Blood Type Diet, I knew I was on the right track. I had zero problems adapting to it. The first thing I noticed was that I felt satisfied after eating and all my cravings disappeared. The part that was hard was living in a society that was dominated by another diet paradigm at the time, so I was constantly ridiculed for being on this “crazy” diet. Also, two foods that are ubiquitous in our society, wheat and corn, are avoids for me, so there was a really big learning curve in how to read ingredient labels to ensure that I was avoiding all wheat and corn that’s hidden in our food. Those were my only issues, but the actual diet/program itself, I loved from moment one. I knew I was “home” and it felt RIGHT – like no diet program ever did. Nowadays, it’s much easier – there are many more wheat free and gluten-free options and so many people are aware of “low-carb” diets so it makes communicating in restaurants much easier!

Personalized Living: What results did you see?
Edna: At my fattest, I was 238 pounds, I am now 142 pounds. I’ve lost 96 pounds and am aiming for 100, possibly a little more. I was previously ruled by carbohydrate cravings and now I have none because my system is in balance. That is the greatest gift of this diet, in my opinion: being steady, strong, and in balance!


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