So who are you? Are you the Hunter, the Gatherer, the Teacher or even the warrior?Find out Genotype best reflects you.

  • Geno Type 1: The Hunter

    Tall, thin and intense, with an over abundance of adrenaline and a fierce, nervous energy that winds down with age, the Hunter was originally the success story of the human species. The Hunter's modern challenge is to conserve energy for the long haul.

  • Geno Type 4: The Explorer

    Muscular and adventurous, the Explorer is a biological problem solver, with an impressive ability to adapt to environmental changes. The Explorer's vulnerability to hormonal inbalances and chemical sensitivities can be overcome with a balanced diet and lifestyle.

  • Geno Type 2: The Gatherer

    Full-figured, even when not overweight, the Gatherer struggles with the body image in a culture where thin is "in". An unsuccessful crash dieter with a host of metabolic challenges , the Gatherer becomes a glowing example of health when properly nourished.

  • Geno Type 5: The Warrior

    Long, lean and healthy in youth, the Warrior is subject to a body rebellion in mid-life. With the optimal diet and lifestyle, the Warrior can overcome the quick-ageing metabolic genes and experience a second "silver" age of health.

  • Geno Type 3: The Teacher

    Strong, sinewy and stable, with great bio-chemical timing and stamina, the Teacher is built for longevity - given the right diet and lifestyle. This is the genotype of balance, blessed with a tremendous capacity for growth and fulfilment.

  • Geno Type 6: The Nomad

    A Genotype of extremes, with a great sensitivity to environmental conditions, especially changes to altitude and barometric pressure. A well-conditioned Nomad has the enviable gift of controlling calorific intake and ageing gracefully.

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  • Your Genotype

    So who are you? Are you the Hunter, the Gatherer, the Teacher or even the warrior? Find out Genotype best reflects you

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