• What health benefits can I expect to experience as I begin my personalized SWAMI diet?

    Weight loss, improved health, vitality, and you will get the maximum effect from the current, cutting edge frontier of personalized medicine. When you use SWAMI XP2, you’ll find that there’s nothing more specific to the individual than when you use clinically-based and evidence-based nutritional advice that’s highly specific to you. In fact, the chances that it would be reproduced in another individual is in the millions.

  • How do the foods that SWAMI recommends for me influence my genes?

    In the last decade, there has been an enormous amount of research on the effects our food choices can exert on gene expression. Although we cannot change our genes (any more than we can change our blood type or eye color) nutrition does control the expression of many genes that are involved in day to day functions, including cell repair, detoxification, and how we adapt to changing environmental conditions. These functions are known as ‘epigenetic’ and involve regulatory elements that act as a ‘lock’ on the ability of the gene to be ‘heard.’ Many foods exert different epigenetic effects in different people. SWAMI allows us to pinpoint which processes are best optimized in that particular individual.

  • Why are foods valued differently when made into a different product? Example: Olive oil is beneficial and olives are an avoid for some types.

    The processing of foods changes the food value because in most cases the lectin is removed.

  • Does the RH factor matter with the Blood Type Diet?

    The Blood Type Diet is not affected by the RH factor (+/-) but it is necessary when creating your SWAMI profile.

    The other important factor when following the blood type diet is your secretor status.


  • What is the difference between a secretor and non-secretor?

    A secretor is defined as a person who secretes his or her blood type antigens into body fluids and secretions like the saliva in your mouth, the mucus in your digestive tract and respiratory cavities, etc. A non-secretor on the other hand puts little to none of his or her blood type into these same fluids.

  • Do we count calories with the Blood Type and GenoType Diets?

    You don’t have to worry about calorie counting when you follow the food portion recommendations in your SWAMI profile and follow your recommended exercise program. It’s based on portion control and common sense, not calorie control.

  • What are lectins?

    A lectin is a type of molecule present in different types of plants, grains and animals. Essentially, lectins are present in most of the foods that we consume. Because lectins are similar in shape to certain antibodies, they can behave in a similar way, causing potentially dangerous reactions with our blood type antigens — depending on one’s blood type.

    When you eat a food containing lectins that are not compatible with your blood type, an agglutination reaction occurs.This does not mean that eating the wrong food could cause an immediate deadly reaction, but eating foods with the wrong lectins over a lifetime can increase your risk for different diseases, cause premature aging and simply make you feel bad! On the flip side, eating the right foods for your blood type can actually lower your risk for disease, slow down the aging process and make you feel like a million dollars!

  • Just wanting to know what the effects are and why it is an avoid food for me.

    Foods are Avoids for different reasons. This can be because they contain lectins that are not good for your blood type.

  • What makes a food a Beneficial?

    Beneficial foods are foods that do not agglutinate a particular blood type or raise bowel toxicity in that blood type. Beneficial’s protect against some disease known for a preference in a particular blood type. Beneficial’s also contain an enzyme know to react positively with the antigen of that blood type.

  • I love my SWAMI Diet. It makes a lot of sense in a lot of ways. But, it doesn’t seem like it takes into consideration how these foods react in the gut, such as gluten, and sometimes it just isn’t consistent. It will tell me to stay away from sprouted wheat, but says I can have essene bread which has sprouted wheat in it. Or it will tell me to stay away from gluten, but tells me I can have rye bread (and essene bread), which has gluten in it.

    It is confusing about the wheat issue, we now recommend that you stay away from all wheat products. The companies have added so much protein to the grains it has made eating wheat dangerous for all the blood types. There are so many great grains that you can have and you don’t have to worry about the gluten issue. The list of grains or breads is Manna bread, millet, spelt, oat and quinoa flour and products. Check your food list for grains that are right for you.

  • Why does SWAMI require finger prints?

    We can tell a lot about a person’s metabolism and health tendencies based on leg length, fingerprints, and other apparently random measurements. Many things in the prenatal environment can cause a health tendency AND a measurable difference in the body, because they developed around the same time. Various measurements are used in the GenoType Diet to help determine which of 6 GenoTypes you best fit into.

    Fingerprints develop between 6 and 21 weeks of gestation, so fingerprint patterns reflect the prenatal environment for that whole time. There are 3 major patterns found in fingerprints, known as whorls, arches, and ulnar loops. Having 3 or more arches is linked to sluggish digestion, 6 or more whorls indicates a higher risk of breast cancer, and 8 or more ulnar loops is linked to higher rates of Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline. Symmetry in fingerprints is also important- whether the patterns on both index fingers, both pinkies, etc are the same or different.

    Asymmetry can be found in other measurements as well, such as having a longer ring finger on one hand and a longer index finger on the other, or a longer upper leg on one side and a longer lower leg on the other. This reflects prenatal stress. The two sides of a baby develop independently, but usually along the same lines. Stress may interfere with development on one side only, creating asymmetry. Some GenoTypes are categorized by more symmetry than others

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  • What our clients say

    “A diet specific to my health condition, genetics and blood type was created for me with SWAMI, and I’ve never felt more energised or content for as long as I can remember. I’m so delighted with my journey with SWAMI”

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  • What our clients say

    “A diet specific to my health condition, genetics and blood type was created for me with SWAMI, and I’ve never felt more energised or content for as long as I can remember. I’m so delighted with my journey with SWAMI”

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